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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you fill prescriptions for people who aren't residents of the Bahamas?

Abaco Island Pharmacy can fill U.S. and foreign prescriptions or refills for any doctors. Clients can have their prescriptions transferred from their pharmacies by a simple phone call. Simply have your doctor fax in a prescription or bring in your refill prescription bottles (this does not apply to controlled drugs).

Will my U.S. insurance cover prescriptions purchased at Abaco Island Pharmacy?

Most U.S. insurance companies accept our insurance receipts.

Are prescriptions much more expensive in Abaco?

Most of our medications are less expensive than U.S. prices, they are comparable to Canadian or European Prices.

We know and trust our pharmacist at home, and have never purchased prescriptions in a foreign country.
Pharmacist Avalon Miller and Ricardo Miller are university trained pharmacists. The Pharmacist is always accessible for consultations, no appointment needed.

What does Abaco Island Pharmacy carry besides pharmaceuticals?

We carry a wide range of herbal products, first aid products, sun lotions, sunglasses and reading glasses, etc. and many other products that are not available in U.S. and other countries.

If you are visiting Abaco, please feel free to contact us to transfer any prescriptions or pharmaceutical needs

How soon can you order our medication if it’s not available?

We can have your medications in the following day if it’s available locally, however if it has to be order in from abroad that can be at least a week. Therefore, I will advise to call in advance under such circumstances.

Can you deliver my medication to any of the Abaco Cays?
We do offer a service where your medications can be delivered to the cays which can prevent you from making a day trip to the pharmacy.

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